Shoulder & Elbow

Shoulder & Elbow Surgeon St. Peters & O'Fallon, MO

Because of the wide range of motion and stress placed on the shoulder and elbow, pain and injury are common in these areas. Not surprising when you consider how you rely on your shoulders and arms for so many common tasks throughout the day. There are a number of causes for shoulder and elbow pain including osteoarthritis, trauma, injury, sprains, strains, sports injuries, and fractures.

Osteoarthritis is the leading cause of pain in the shoulder and elbow joints. As arthritis develops, the protective cartilage on the ends of the bones can wear away. Without the protective cartilage lining, the bones of the joints rub against each other, triggering pain. Severe shoulder and elbow arthritis can inhibit movement.

At Advanced Bone & Joint in St. Peters & O'Fallon, MO, our fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons have specific expertise in shoulder, elbow, and upper extremity problems, and they employ the latest in surgical and non-surgical techniques to treat them. We can handle a comprehensive range of athletic, degenerative, and traumatic disorders. Some of the most common shoulder and elbow conditions we see and treatments we provide are listed below.


Please visit our orthopaedic patient education library to learn more about shoulder and elbow conditions and treatment.

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