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Neck and Back pain St. Peters & O'Fallont

Conditions that affect your spine can lead to a wide range of pain in your neck and back. Your spine is made of 25 joints and 33 vertebrae, surrounded by a network of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. Your spine protects your spinal cord, which runs the length of your spine and connects with your brain to form the central nervous system.

Pain in your back and/or neck is very common. The pain could indicate a soft tissue injury, such as a strained muscle or ligament. Back or neck pain may be a result of degenerative disc disease, which affects the space between the vertebrae and can cause a great deal of discomfort. Pinched nerves and migraine headaches can be related to a spine condition, as well. It is also common for a work injury or sports injury to affect your spine, leading to pain in your upper, mid, or low back.

In St. Peters & O'Fallon, Missouri, people with neck and back pain can look to Advanced Bone & Joint for experts in pain management. Surgery can often be avoided with our conservative approach to treatment, which includes a variety of injections to manage pain.

Neck and Back Conditions Treated

If you have acute or chronic neck or back pain, turn to our board-certified, fellowship-trained pain management doctor for high quality care designed specifically for you. To schedule a consultation at Advanced Bone & Joint, call our office in St. Peters or O'Fallon, Missouri, at (636) 229-4222 or use our secure online appointment request form.