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Your hands and wrists are amazing, unique structures. They allow you to grasp and manipulate objects and perform countless daily activities that most people take for granted. They are also quite intricate, containing many small bones (27 to be exact), a network of ligaments, tendons and muscles, and a web of blood vessels and nerve endings responsible for your sense of touch.

Because your hands are in constant motion – reaching, grasping, carrying, and releasing – they are vulnerable to injury. Repetitive stress or overuse injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis, are among the most common. Your hands can also be affected by normal wear and tear on the joints, resulting in arthritis. Sometimes problems can arise from other medical conditions such as diabetes or pregnancy.

The hands also offer a certain amount of protection to your body, such as shielding you from potentially dangerous objects or helping to break a fall. Due to this protective mechanism, the bones of the hand and wrist are fractured quite often. In addition to these dangers, the hands are susceptible to cuts, abrasions, and burns that can cause damage and lead to infection.

The physicians at Advanced Bone & Joint in St. Peters  & O'Fallon, MO are trained to diagnose and treat all types of hand and wrist problems. They have extensive experience in the delicate procedures required to relieve pain and preserve or restore normal function to the hands and wrists. Some of the most common hand and wrist injuries and conditions we treat include:

Hand & Wrist Conditions Treated

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