OWN Your Weight Loss

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Some individuals will reach a point in their life when they decide “enough is enough.” Many events may lead a person to this decision. When being overweight and unhealthy holds you back from playing with your children, taking a walk with your spouse, shopping with your daughter, or playing golf with a friend, maybe it is time to make a change. 

OWN your weight loss, OWN your life! 

If you are unable to live your life in these or other situations, take a look at Advanced Bone & Joint’s OWN program for Optimal Weight and Nutrition. Whether the goal is a minor or major adjustment in your mobility and lifestyle, we are here to assist you. Advanced Bone & Joint is interested in helping you feel better and live actively with your family and friends.

Unlike other programs out there, Advanced Bone & Joint’s OWN program provides:

  • Weekly coaching, encouragement, and accountability with a nutritionist
  • Connection with your primary care physician
  • Protein-rich foods (Ideal Protein®)
  • Reading resources
  • Mobility assessment
  • Exercise guidance
  • Education about food, labels, and ingredients
  • Recipes and cooking methods
  • Continued coaching up to 12 months after you reach your weight goal
  • Instruction on how to maintain your weight for years to come

What is a Nutritionist?

A nutritionist works one-on-one with patients who may be trying to lose weight and eat healthy, wholesome foods.  A dietitian is like a nutritionist, but a nutritionist has extensive knowledge about how nutritional deficiencies can impact your health.  A dietitian focuses solely on modifying what you eat, while the nutritionist can incorporate a more holistic or whole-body approach to your health.  By working with a nutritionist, you will gain a better understanding about food and why it may be difficult for some people to make healthy choices. 

Delia, our Ideal Protein weight loss coach will work with you individually to evaluate your current nutritional status, eating habits, and food choices.  What you eat does reflect how you feel, and the wrong foods can make you feel sick.  Likewise, eating the right foods can prevent and sometimes reverse disease.  

What is Ideal Protein?

The Ideal Protein Method promotes fat loss while supporting muscle mass. It is a medically developed protocol for sensible weight loss with one-on-one personal support from a professional nutritionist. Learn more about the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method here.

Studies prove that maintaining a healthy weight contributes to individuals’ overall joint health. Your Advanced Bone & Joint physician may advise you to consider this program before having surgery.

For more information on the Optimal Weight and Nutrition program, please call us at (636) 229-4214. We’ll be glad to put you in touch with your OWN coach.

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