Get Started Now

If you are overweight (by a lot or a little), or if you need joint surgery, this program is for you. You will get medical attention, emotional support, guidance, weekly coaching, and so much more...all in the convenience of our offices.  Join us, and OWN your weight loss!  Getting started is just 4 easy steps:

  • Step 1

    Call Advanced Bone & Joint's OWN weight loss and health coach at (636) 229-4214She will be happy to answer any and all questions to help you determine if you are ready for this journey.

  • Step 2

    Fill out a health profile. This will help your coach understand your health status and guide you moving forward. Be honest about your health, medical record, and history with weight gain and/or loss.

    Download and print the health profile form now.

  • Step 3

    Check with your primary care doctor before starting any weight loss program. We want to make sure they are on board and willing to assist with medication management and any other health issues you may have.  

  • Step 4

    Schedule one-on-one time with your OWN coach. This is the beginning of Phase 1. During this phase, you will meet with your OWN coach every week to:

    • Record your measurements and weight
    • Review your food journal and challenges
    • Get your questions or concerns answered

Once you reach your weight loss goal, your OWN coach will walk you through phases 2-4 of the program. 

Throughout the program, your OWN coach will provide new ways to think about food and nutrition. You’ll learn how to cook delicious, healthy meals, and understand nutrition labels on food packaging.  Your OWN coach will help you avoid diets forever.

Feel free to compare our program and its benefits to others.  You will find we provide a great deal of personal attention and value at an affordable price.  Our coach says, "Pay to improve your health now...or pay the doctor later."  

Call our office at (636) 229-4214 to see how we can help you LIVE YOUR LIFE.