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GOAL – Lose 93 pounds

CURRENT STATUS – 43 pounds lost As a busy Mom of two kids and step mom to two bonus daughters, historically I have found it difficult to take time out to focus on myself. In typical mom style, I usually put everyone else’s goals and activities ahead of my own – that’s what comes naturally. I would feel a guilty feeling taking time away from the kids to do my own thing.

I gained 70 pounds with my first pregnancy, lost 20 pounds after his birth and then gained those 20 right back with the birth of our daughter 15 months later. That was 15 years ago and I had never been able to lose the weight, and KEEP it off. In fact, over the last 15 years I added an additional 20 pounds – so 90 pounds over a healthy weight. I have tried many different weight loss and exercise programs over the years. You name it – I’ve tried it, and I gave it a valiant, focused effort each time but would never be able to maintain the program. Many times I would lose 20 pounds, plateau, and give up. Sometimes I wouldn’t lose any weight at all. While some programs, I could stomach eating their “food” for a month or two, but then couldn’t stand eating it anymore after that. And, any time I did lose weight, I would gain it all back and maybe a pound or two more. I was frustrated, to say the least.

Fast forward to a knee appointment with my doctor at Advanced Bone and Joint… He suggested losing weight to help alleviate the pain in my knees. He also shared information with me about Ideal Protein “that seems to be working for a lot of our patients,” he said. So, I took a deep breath and decided to ‘try again’.

Ideal Protein is the first weight loss / management program that is actually working for me. I have lost 43 pounds in the first 20 weeks, and am ready to finish my goal! I don’t have cravings; I am rarely “starving”, and I can sustain this program easily while also getting to enjoy real food all day long. Even when I am “starving”, I have options of unlimited real food I can eat to stave away any hunger. What is best about this program over anything else for me is the education. Delia, my health coach, is teaching me how food works, what quantities to eat and in what combinations. I didn’t know any of the science behind my diet before, and she explains it to me in layman’s terms that I truly understand. I am confident that I won’t regain my weight again, because she has taught me the tools I need to succeed. I can’t wait to share with you again at the end of my journey. Here’s to 50 more pounds!!



Read Elizabeth's inspirational story below:

At 59 I had gained more pounds than I wanted to admit.  I was suffering with Osteoarthritis and getting hip injections for the pain and discomfort.  I had seen the Ideal Protein displays and made a decision to check into the program.  After much deliberation with my "inner self", I called Delia and moved forward with a drive and commitment to lose this extra weight.  My journey began on 1/1/2016 and as of 5/30/2016 I was at my goal weight and had lost 35 pounds.

Not only do I feel wonderful, but I love the new look and I have so much more energy!  I promise you that if you follow the the protocol and listen to your coach, you will succeed and will have the tools to manage your weight for life.


- Elizabeth Richards, St. Charles, MO


 Karen didn’t come needing a massive amount of weight  loss but her transformation was a true inspiration. Just 16 lbs made a HUGE difference for her in 12 weeks.


“Pre Ideal Protein I tried the gym, personal trainer, every new diet and sorry to say, diet aids, with little to no success. Any success I did obtain from those methods was quickly lost once I stopped the diet/diet aid. Since starting the Ideal Protein program, not only have I lost the weight I wanted, I dropped more sizes than I ever thought possible, my energy is better than I remember having in a very long time, my sleep pattern has done a 360*(for the better),  and my cholesterol and cardiac blood work improved by 30% is some areas. I have been on a maintenance program now for a couple of months and still feel amazing! The difference with Ideal Protein is that your life coach teaches you why certain foods should be avoided, why some foods should be in moderation as well as what foods we should not eat together. This is a way of life for me. I can tell very quickly when I eat foods that are basically not healthy. I have learned to pay attention to what my body is telling me and the reward is amazing! Today I like what I see in the mirror but most importantly I’m loving life. Thanks to all who make Ideal Protein possible.”

 - Karen Schutte, St. Charles, MO