Is Groin Pain a Sign of Hip Joint Conditions?

Is Groin Pain a Sign of Hip Joint Conditions?

by Yenny (SU)

Often overlooked and underappreciated, rarely does one consider the hip until there is a fall or painful flare up.  To be sure, our hips don’t lie as they become more vulnerable to injury with age. And one tell-tale sign of a hip joint condition is pain in the groin area.

While groin pain can be a sign of a hip joint condition, it is not the only reason one would experience groin pain. There are a variety of reasons for groin pain and only a handful are related to hip conditions. Here are some hip-related conditions that could cause groin pain.

Osteoarthritis (OA)

Those who suffer from OA feel pain all over their body, and that includes the groin.  If you are experiencing groin and hip pain only, it may not be OA. However, if the pain in your groin and hip occurs in joints throughout your body, you might be suffering from OA and should see your orthopedist to confirm that diagnosis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

RA is a progressive autoimmune disease that causes pain in bones and joints all over the body. Similar to osteoarthritis, RA does not happen in one particular place. Individuals who suffer from RA likely experience pain in other parts of the body, as well as deformed joints and chronic inflammation.

Hip Fracture

Whether it happens over time or is the result of an injury or fall, a hip fracture can cause excruciating pain to the hip and groin areas.  The elderly are especially vulnerable to hip fractures, and usually the only way to remedy the pain is to have implant or hip replacement surgery.


When bones become so brittle that even the slightest stress or trauma can cause fractures, it could be the result of osteoporosis, and the pain might be felt in the groin area. A healthy diet, medications and supplements can help treat osteoporosis, as can a regular, weight-bearing exercise regime.

Labral Tear

That locking or clicking sound you might hear when walking, accompanied by increasingly excruciating pain could be indicators of a labral tear.  The pain is felt in the front of the hip and often is deep in the groin area when walking or running.  Surgery is the only remedy to repair a labral tear; the labrum cannot heal on its own.

Hip Flexor Strain

Hip flexors connect the top of the femur to the lower back, hips and groin. When they are strained they can severely curtail movement and cause extreme pain in the hip and groin area. Physical therapy, dry needling, and KT Tape all can be used to overcome injury to the hip flexor.

Bone Cancer

Bone cancer can begin and spread to any part of the body but it is common for it to start near the pelvis. This could also be a possible reason for pain in the hip or groin.

While these conditions are related to the hip, there are a lot of groin-related issues that could cause pain, as well. Some examples are hernias, prostate issues, and kidney issues.

As always, the best person to consult with if you are experiencing groin pain is your doctor. Your medical care professional has access to numerous resources and tests that can help determine what the cause is of your groin pain.

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